Characters: Naruko Uzumaki and Celty Sturluson

Series: Naruto & Durarara! 




/can’t stop making dick jokes about naruto swallowing frogs and crows/

also, guilty pleasure ship ≖‿≖


Zodiac Pisces thought.


Karin is the only Naruto character who runs like a normal human being.

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Submitted to MasterChef by sayattheexplorer

My desire to highlight all the ingredients was really stumped by the mystery box at first. I had extremely pungent  ingredients such as balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, blue cheese, mustard, and Kosher dill pickles. Bringing these flavors out to the same plate and have them not fight each other is no easy task. Drunk Quebecois food and a refreshing Thai salad to balance the weight of the blue cheese gravy made so much sense! I went all out and got intoxicated to test the recipes!

Larb with an international profile

Instead of the traditional fermented fish and lime elements, I used soy sauce, mustard, pickles, and balsamic vinegar. Rice, beef, nuts and the overall flavor profile remain true to the traditional dish that is both Laotian and Northern Thai. Bright and deep in umami, satisfying and flavorful! 

Poutine with blue cheese

Poutine is a specialty of Quebec, typically served as fries with cheese curds and brown gravy. I used blue cheese curds, soy sauce, and beef broth to make mine. It was not surprisingly phenomenal when sober and divine when intoxicated. 

Go to my blog for the detailed instructions to execute this great plate — bon appetit, have fun and stay tuned for the next challenge!


You are invited to Konohagakure’s annual Obon festival, an event full of games, food, and merchandise where everyone can have fun! This year, we’ll be extending the invitations to members of other villages to strengthen our bonds and get closer as shinobi of the alliance. Come have fun and don’t miss our fireworks show at the end of the night!


The event will take place in a skype chat, which means yes, you’ll need to friend one of the mods in order to be able to be added to the chat. However, you are absolutely free to unfriend us after being added to the chat.

The event will start on Wednesday the 27th, 12:00 p.m. PDT and end Friday the 29th 10 p.m. PDT.

There can only be one of each canon characters present to avoid conflict and each mun can enlist only one muse and must be in the Naruto fandom. Original characters are welcomed.

You can find a list of those who are signed up to attend here. This list will be updated as soon as we get messages from those who wish to participate.

Remember, this event is to allow people to have fun! So please don’t send hate to those who are enlisted if they have the same muse as you and you can’t join in.

You can also do dash threads if you wish to! Tag them #koaf 2k14 so we can all see that you’re involved in the fun!

Once you’re in the chat, we need to know who you are! Please change your skype name to the name of your character! If we know the name of your character, we can refer to the list of those signed up and find your url as well!

Your hosts for this event are sumxre and c-h-i-t-a-n! We’ll be dictating certain ( some going to be a surprise!) events during the time including the fireworks.

Couples! Have something special you want to do for the one you want to confess to or love? Do message us and tell us! We’d love to help out with it! Ino LOVES playing matchmaker ;)

In order to participate in the festivites, just message sumxre  before the event starts and we’ll message you our skype names so you can friend us and we can add you to the chat before the event!

This is a GREAT opportunity to meet new people and be able to form connections! Perhaps you’ll find your new best friend here or a new shipping partner, who knows~! It’s going to be a whole load of fun so message us if you’re interested before your muse gets taken!

REBLOG to spread the word!

cunningpeach whispered: "Is it true that you threw away the bento I made special for you?"

"W-what? Of course not!" Chouko held up her hands in defense. "Who in the world would tell you that? If there’s anything I hate more, it’s wasting food, ‘kaa-san.”


Pisces would likely be positively stimulated by = their favorite music that calms and puts them in the right zone.

"Is it true that…" Finish it in my ask box!

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they literally never explained this

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